Encouragement · Poetry

My Heart

My heart beats for things unseen. My heart beats for those around me. My heart feels for others like I can’t explain. I can almost feel their pain. You’ve given me a new heart so now I see what I could not. I see things now that others simply cannot. My heart longs for Your…… Continue reading My Heart

Poetry · Tragedy

Losing You

The pain inside me grows like a rising river, what will I do to get through this winter? The thought of you being here no more is a thought that strikes me to the core. I miss the sound of your laughter and the sound of your voice, you went away and I didn’t have…… Continue reading Losing You


Where Do I Begin?

Thoughts wrestle within as I struggle to decipher, I’m hoping the truth will make me all the wiser. Should I choose the left or right, with these thoughts how will I sleep through the night? God I have your Word that brings me peace, but show me the answer please. Not knowing makes me feel…… Continue reading Where Do I Begin?