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How To Overcome Loneliness

I have felt very strongly that there are many of you out there who feel alone right now. All of us at one time or another, have felt the dreadful feeling of being alone. It doesn’t matter if we are surrounded by people and seem to be having the time of our lives or are…… Continue reading How To Overcome Loneliness

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Need A Little Pick-Me-Up?

​ I can’t give you a shot of expresso through the internet but I can give you a piece of advice that I need myself.  As you begin the week remember that you are not alone. Give God all your worries, anxieties, and stress and He will replace these feelings with peace, joy, strength, comfort,…… Continue reading Need A Little Pick-Me-Up?

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Can All Hope Be Lost?

Is there ever a situation where all hope can be lost? I believe the answer is yes and no. The first option you have is to believe all hope is lost. The other option is to give the situation to God who holds the keys to unlock hope in your life. The truth is this:…… Continue reading Can All Hope Be Lost?