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“I have Cerebral Palsy–what’s your problem?”

Let me introduce you to a man who has encountered tremendous hardship and bullying throughout his life because of the way he walks and talks. You see David Ring was born a stillborn baby for 8 minutes. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and people told him he would never amount to anything. He went to…… Continue reading “I have Cerebral Palsy–what’s your problem?”

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Can All Hope Be Lost?

Is there ever a situation where all hope can be lost? I believe the answer is yes and no. The first option you have is to believe all hope is lost. The other option is to give the situation to God who holds the keys to unlock hope in your life. The truth is this:…… Continue reading Can All Hope Be Lost?

Encouragement · Relationships · Stress · Tragedy

When You Feel Like Giving Up

Are you overwhelmed? You may be out of a job, facing a hard road, or just have a lot going on. All of us have felt like giving up at different times in our life whether it was for a significant reason or not. Nick Vujicic is someone who felt like giving up. He was…… Continue reading When You Feel Like Giving Up