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Love Yourself

When will we start viewing ourselves as priceless and treasured by God? I’m absolutely disgusted with human and sex trafficking and how prevalent it is. We know that’s wrong and inhumane yet we devalue ourselves constantly. How can we expect to love others if we can’t love or respect ourselves? We are completely accepted by…… Continue reading Love Yourself

Book Club

What Is Your Prayer Strategy?

I have a confession… I love to read books! And not just one at a time, for some reason I read several. It must be the multi-tasking feminine of me that comes out. Anyway, one of the delightful books I have been reading is called Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. If you haven’t seen the movie…… Continue reading What Is Your Prayer Strategy?


Unshakable Faith

So how can we be strong and take courage in the middle of crazy times of life? We can trust Him by not freaking out when something doesn’t go our way or goes terribly wrong. Time passes so quickly and we can’t always see all the factors and the big picture in a situation like…… Continue reading Unshakable Faith